Top 5 - Why Environmental Builders?
4...........Great Value

Interesting Fact 

Insulating your attic reduces the amount of energy loss in most houses by up to 20%. 

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About Us
Brief Company History...

​The formation of Environmental Builders Inc. in 1993 represents a "dream come true" for President, and founder, Mark V. Quigley. However, preparation to realize that dream began decades earlier. In the late 1970's Mr. Quigley began working in the construction industry learning as many trades as possible while amassing the required tools. In 1988, Quigley graduated from the reputable University of California Berkeley's "Conservation and Resource Studies Program". Coupled with years of field experience, and academic credentials, Quigley quickly became an industry leader in the infant "Green" building sector. In 1993, Quigley earned his General Contractor's License and founded Environmental Builders which later incorporated. Armed with a world class education, Quigley has developed award winning business practices that are unique to the industry. With 36 years of industry experience, your project is in very capable hands when you choose us to work with.

We strive to be the best at what we do!

Personal attention to each Job: We schedule one project at a time!
Each client receives one-on-one attention through the entire process!

Client Participation
To ensure your needs are satisfied, we constantly invite you to participate and provide input during the entire design and construction process.  After all, its our job to build YOUR vision, meet YOUR needs, and increase YOUR comfort!

Creativity is achieved through a combination of our architectural and construction knowledge, as well as the input obtained through brainstorming sessions with you. We are able to provide value and innovation based on a lifetime of industry experience. 

The style of our projects are as unique as our clients.  With each new client an idea is worked through the process and becomes reality.  Our Clients expect style, class, and craftsmanship that will not fade with time. We deliver on that promise!

We maintain a consistently high level of professional care and responsibility on each project. All work guaranteed to be of the highest quality in writing, as we know you would expect nothing less. Your interests will be covered by our Liability Insurance Policy (Million Dollar coverage) a copy of which we will provide you. Your project is our project! We simply can't afford to have anything but a great result on your project.  

We provide a WRITTEN satisfaction guarantee for all services provided!

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