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Our purpose here is to share with you our unique approach to the construction, remodeling industry. Our hope is that you will realize the value and benefits of a "green" remodeling experience for your health, comfort, & peace of mind...

Environmental Builders, Inc. has been an industry leading "Green" builder  in Northern California, serving the North bay area for over 22 years. Environmental Builders. Inc. has focused on environmental building practices while using materials that are eco-friendly, both in remodeling and new building construction. 

Using sustainable design and eco-materials can be beautiful and practical.  

W​​​​hat is green Construction?

It is the practice of using environmentally friendly processes and resources throughout the entire construction process. Environmental Builders’ mission is to minimize the amount of resources required to sustain a given family while INCREASING the families comfort level. Why give P.G. & E. your hard earned money? Our energy efficiency and water saving technologies can save you a bundle monthly with little or no maintenance! 

Benefits of going green?

    - Typically, Higher Quality products, Lower Maintenance required
    - We provide continuous comfort with our techniques and technologies
    - Healthier products and practices mean less chemical exposure
​    - Water conservation without even noticing it or changing your lifestyle
    - Keep your money in your wallet instead of giving it to P.G. & E.!!!
    - Satisfaction of knowing you are doing your part in a world of finite resources

Many of the products we use meet the LEED standards
 (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design)

A Few of the Green Materials We Use:

     - Recycled Paint
     - Nanotech coatings that save energy
     - Radiant barrier paint
     - Tankless water heaters
     - Solar systems to heat the pool/water
     - High efficiency heating/air conditioning systems
     - Cocoon Blown in insulation
     - Solar powered attic vent fans
     - Energy efficient doors and windows
     - Flooring and sustainably managed forest products
     - Energy Efficient Windows and Doors
     - Water saving toilets, faucets, showers
     - Energy saving roofing materials
     - Sound absorbing technologies and methodologies

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(707) 689-3150​
Vacaville, CA
Contractor License # 675164

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Environmentally Friendly 
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Interesting Fact 

By turning down your central heating thermostat one degree, fuel consumption is cut by as much as 10%.
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